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Developing Customized Protection and Response Strategies

ZqSell feels that the best way to develop an effective malicious code protection and response system within a given computing environment is to build that system for your environment. Every organization has its own protection requirements. While many things about the protection and response system are similar from organization to organization, force fitting another organization's protection requirements and response procedures is not generally the answer. This means that the strategies must be tailored to your size, functions, resources and computing environment. ZqSell specializes in process engineering for the anti-virus protection strategies and incident response procedures.

Process engineering includes facilitated sessions with your key personnel to customize the process models for your environment. These sessions will exemplify our partnership with you in the development process. ZqSell will provide expert guidance on the necessary elements of the process models and you will provide guidance on your environment, including your existing and planned resources.

At the end of the facilitated sessions, you will have the necessary process models, step-by-step procedures and flow diagrams to implement an effective anti-virus system for your specific environment using your available resources, though, where necessary, additional resources may be identified.

Key Benefits

  • Tailored process models and flow diagrams to provide you with the most effective protections for your environment
  • Pave the way for enhancing your protection and limiting your exposure to the latest computer virus and malicious code threats


  • Documented Customized Process Models, Procedures, and Flow Diagrams
  • Management Briefing on the Process Models, Procedures and Flow Diagrams