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Evaluating Your Anti-Virus Posture and Protection Strategies

Evaluating and establishing a baseline of the existing anti-virus posture, including the protection strategies and response procedures is essential to development and maintenance of any anti-virus system. ZqSell proposes to perform an initial evaluation of your computing environment to determine the areas of risk. The initial evaluation will include reviewing the current network topology, office automation needs, and current protections, as well as any security policies or procedures.

Once the areas of risk are determined, ZqSell will provide written recommendations on where the anti-virus posture can be improved. As part of the recommendations, ZqSell feels strongly that the results of the evaluation, your current threats/risks and recommendations for improvement should be briefed to the senior management. In addition, ZqSell feels user awareness is a key element in the anti-virus posture and will form an early warning system for your environment. As a result, ZqSell will also provide a customized user awareness lecture that can be given by ZqSell to your employees or you can provide it to your employees at a later time.

Key Benefits

  • Establish your baseline of protection
  • Determine your key requirements for protection
  • Pave the way for enhancing your protection and limiting your exposure to the latest computer virus and malicious code threats
  • Provide your employees and computer users with awareness information on the latest computer virus and malicious code threats


  • Written Report of Recommendations
  • Management Briefing on Malicious Code Threats, Existing Protections, and Recommendations
  • User Awareness Training Materials for Malicious Code Threats and Effective Protections