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Maintaining The Effectiveness of Your Protection and Response Strategies

ZqSell feels it is important to support its clients in the ever-changing technologies of both the threats and the products. For this reason, ZqSell plans to provide you with maintenance services. In this capacity, ZqSell plans to provide you with timely updates on newly identified threats and how they affect your computing environment.

For example, when a new virus or malicious code threat is identified, ZqSell will review your anti-virus strategies on file, and will provide you with any necessary recommendations for changes to your anti-virus protection system to effectively thwart or limit the exposure to the new threat. In addition, if different response procedures are necessary to combat the threat, those will also be identified and provided. It is expected that this service can be provided on an as needed basis or for an annual fee - equivalent to an insurance policy - depending upon your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Continued partnership with someone who understands your environment, your protection requirements and capabilities, and the new threat
  • Maintaining your effective protection strategy and response procedures
  • Pave the way for enhancing your protection and limiting your exposure to the latest computer virus and malicious code threats


  • Electronic reports on new or mutating malicious code threats
  • Documented steps necessary to enhance your protection or take advantage of new product features