The computing community about the effective ways to protect their information and resources from malicious code threats

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Implementing Your Customized Protection Strategies and Response Procedures

Having the effective strategies and procedures for anti-virus protection and incident response does not necessarily mean they can be implemented. ZqSell proposes to provide hands-on "just in time" training for your key personnel on the various aspects of implementing an anti-virus protection and response system. The subject areas to be offered include:

  • General virus awareness
  • Establishing an anti-virus protections and response system
  • Determining your anit-virus requirements
  • Protecting your information and computing resources against computer viruses and other system threats
  • Managing computer virus and other security incidents
  • Responding to computer virus and malicious code infections
  • Performing security incident investigations
  • Implementing and understanding measurement and process improvement for anti-virus protection and response strategies

ZqSell will provide this "just in time" training to your key personnel as they begin to implement your anti-virus protection and response processes and at appropriate places along the implementation path.

Key Benefits

  • Hands-on assistance and "just in time" training on the key components throughout the implementation process
  • Pave the way for enhancing your protection and limiting your exposure to the latest computer virus and malicious code threats


  • Training Materials
  • Study Guides
  • Implementation Guidance
  • Quick Reference Checklists