The computing community about the effective ways to protect their information and resources from malicious code threats

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Looking for ways to protect your information resources from the latest Internet and computer security threats?

ZqSell can increase your protection and limit your exposure to computer viruses, worms and other malicious code threats by helping you to build and maintain effective protection strategies and incident response processes.

Filling the Gap

Recent incidents with the distributed denial of service attacks, the 911 virus, the "LoveBug" have illustrated that technology alone does not protect you and your information resources. ZqSell aims to fill the gap between having an anti-virus or other security product installed and actually achieving protection.

Technology and the online community are bound by the same "survival of the fittest" rules that are apparent in the natural world around us. Those that adapt to the changing threats will survive - those that do not adapt will not survive and may become extinct. In the context of the online community - growth and extinction occur in an instant.

There is no "Magic Bullet" to guarantee that you will never again experience a security incident and no "Magic Pill" that will make you become immortal. However, there are many tools, techniques, and other "bullets" and "pills" that will mitigate the damage and thwart most attacks.

The holistic approach that ZqSell uses to provide effective protection is based upon a lifecycle process focused on continuous improvement and includes the integration and synergy with other components in your security and network infrastructure. Using this type of approach provides a way for the processes, procedures, and mechanisms you use to protect your information resources to continue to evolve as the threats and technologies evolve.